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Vehicle Recovery is as old as the automobile itself. However, it only really became an organised industry in the early seventies (see a History of Vehicle Recovery for more details), and has always been a dangerous occupation. Over the years many people have lost their lives, or have been seriously injured serving their fellow motorists.

The RISC Trustees are made up of experienced industry leaders who are determined to minimise the risk as well as helping those in need.

RISC Mission Statement

The Charity was created to offer immediate assistance, to individuals, working within the Recovery Industry, To qualify -

1. The individual(s) must work for a bona_fide 'Recovery Company'

2. Operating within the British Isles.

3. Who are normally certified to PAS43 .

4. The agreement of any two Trustees is required and if appropriate, instant relief payments can be made.

5. Ongoing relief when appropriate, will be agreed after post evaluation


At the European Tow Show in 2005, Nikki King of Isuzu Truck (UK) Limited, suggested that a new fund be set up. It was proposed, not as a challenge to other Benevolent Funds and Charities, but to complement them. Our strength would be immediate support, as soon as possible after the incident (often the most traumatic and distressing time for dependants) and something other organisations cannot always do.

During the summer of 2005 the Trustees Brian Hagan (Retired Green Flag) , Debbie Hewitt (RAC), Tom Johnson (Retired Britannia Rescue) and Andy Lambert (Retired MTS and National Rescue), were approached and all agreed to serve.

In October 2005 an 'Inaugural' meeting took place at Warwick. The name Recovery Industry Support Charity (RISC) was selected. It was agreed to register the charity, with the Charity Commission. This was duly completed during 2006. The registered charity number is 1115517

A year later (again at the European Tow Show), Nikki's dream became a reality as RISC was chosen to be the Tow Shows selected Charity. It came as no surprise therefore, that during the show Nikki King OBE was presented with the prestigious Personal Achievement Award.

In 2017 RISC funded and helped setup the Campaign for Safer Roadside Rescue and Recovery (CSRRR). Then in 2018 RISC helped setting up an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). and will continue to be involved in both.

Getting Help and contacting RISC

Step One - Do you qualify?
The Charity was created to offer immediate financial assistance, to individuals, working within the Recovery Industry To qualify the individual(s) must work for a bona_fide 'Recovery Company' that is operating within the British Isles and who are certified to PAS43 (there can be exceptions in special circumstances).

Step Two - Contact RISC
There are a number of ways you can contact RISC and this will be depending on the reason. First if you are more comfortable contacting one of the trustees direct (perhaps because you know them), then please do that. The preferred form of contact is through the The Institute of Vehicle Recovery on 01895 436426. In an emergency and if the above is not working you can call +44 (0)7580 200 500 and speak to Andy Lambert.

Note: For all none urgent matters please email us at help@riscuk.net and the correct person will get back to you.

Step Three - When requested to, download and fill out the form below
Go here to download the claim form. Please note submitting this form, should not be interpreted as an acceptance of your claim by RISC

Ways you can help:

The first option is by sending funds to support the Recovery Industry Support Charity itself you can find how to do this further down this page..

When you have done that there is a further thing you could consider doing if you want to do more to support us, how about organising an event? Again this costs you nothing (apart from a little time), because you get your friends (or enemies), to sponsor you.

Here are some ideas: Get them to sponsor you to run in a marathon. Perhaps white water rafting is not your thing, well that's a good one to do then, (it will encourage them to sponsor you if they know you are 'bricking' it) Others have done sponsored cycle rides over long distances and even taken their clothes off to produce a calendar

Just Given will do all the fund raising book keeping for you. You can even design a simple web page telling everyone what you are doing and then tell your friends about the page. Click Here for Just Giving

Whatever you decide we appreciate any help we can get to carry on the fight to make the job safer and to help those who find out it is not.

A Time-line for warning light safety improvements in the Recovery Industry

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RISC Road Safety Major Event Timeline

Although the time-line data above was compiled by Andy Lambert of RISC, he acknowledges that many, many others have also been involved in improving things over the years. This time-line only references things where there is documentary proof they happened, or Andy was directly involved in it himself. He would be grateful to hear from anyone else who has been involved in making the job safer so he can add their efforts to the time-line.

Meet our Trustees

The Current trustees are
David Brinklow
Mike Cowan
Brian Hagan
Nikki King

The Chairman
Andy Lambert

Former Trustees
Debbie Hewitt
Tom Johnson

Please click on any name to find out more (opens in a new window).

To make a payment to support RISC Please use these details.

If you are sending a cheque make it payable to RISC, or Recovery Industry Support Charity and send to. Isuzu Truck UK Limited, 164 Great North Road, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL9 5JN. FAO: Vijay Patel.

To make a bank transfer, or set up a standing order:-
Account: Recovery Industry Support Charity
Bank: Bank of Scotland
Sort Code: 12-11-03
Account Number: 06167861

This video from the 2014 Tow Show makes the point we all may need help one day.

Recovery Industry Support Charity Charity No. 1115517 164 Great North Road, Hatfield, Herts AL9 5JN
Note: For all none urgent matters please email us at help@riscuk.net and the correct person will get back to you.

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